Pets Are Worth Saving (PAWS)
"He is a blessing in our lives."
Just wanted you to know how much we love Einstein. He has adapted well. We go for walks , he chases the ball, and has done well in his obedience class. He is socializing well with my friends , the kids, and our cat. He is a blessing in our lives. Thank you for rescuing him and giving us the opportunity to love him! Continue to do what you do to make a difference in these dogs lives and the people they rescue! 

August, 2015
Testimonial from Einstein’s mommy

Happily Ever After - Adopted!
To all of you wonderful ladies,

I wanted to send a note to thank you again for all of the hard work you do rescuing the animals and providing people a chance to have a loving pet. I adopted Maggie from you approximately 1 1/2 years ago. I went to Petco looking for a friend for my new puppy. I was looking for another puppy because I want them to grow up together. I had recently had to put the last of my three dogs that I had for many years down and realized how empty my house was not having my dogs around. So after getting a puppy from a friend I wanted to get another from a rescue facility. When I came in to see what you had, you didn't have puppies so I gave you my phone number. Within 3 days you called me and told me you had found a puppy at the shelter that had been abandoned at 4 weeks old. You didn't even have her yet but if I wanted her you were going to get her for me.   

  I can't tell you enough how grateful I am that you did what you did. Our house has been blessed with the love and joy that Maggie (that little puppy) has brought us. We eventually ended up with 3 puppies (two were rescue dogs) all within 6 months of each other. They are the happiest, sweetest dog you could ask for. I can't even imagine life without them. They all have different personalities but they get along wonderfully. Our little Maggie is the leader and momma of the group. She watches over the other two, cleans them, disciplines them when they get out of hand and worries over them. She is the perfect dog. She loves to give us kisses to the point that you have to hide your face trying to make her stop and then she burrows in and tries even harder. We love her so much.  

I was watching the three of them this morning and my heart was filled with so much love and happiness for what these dogs have brought us. It made me want to write to you wonderful ladies and tell you the affect your hard work has on not just the animals but on the people you help. My daughter who is 14 is dreaming of the day she gets to have a dog rescue so that she can do the same for dogs that you have done for us. So with many thanks I will close this letter.


Lisa D.

October, 2017